Great photo of Heather and Heidi sent in by Carlene Grossi.

Here's some more pictures of Titan. He's everything I had hoped for and more. We had a family reunion, there are a couple pictures of his brothers and cousins. I'm still feeding him the same puppy food and he's still eating three times a day. What changes do you recommend in his diet and when should I go to twice a day. He's still growing like a weed. Thanks for your input. 

Hi Shannon. Here is our big boy at 18 weeks old weighing just under 65lb. He is doing so well in obedience school. Teacher loves to see Deacon walk at a trot. I think we may enter some competitions in the fall if he continues to do so well
Have a great weekend

Bob and Shari Trowbridge

I just wanted to share a few updated pics of Lyric (Dawn).  She is such a doll and fits right in with us. She goes just about everywhere with us and is the star of any crowd.  We cannot go anywhere without someone wanting to pet her.  She is growing like a goodness.She will be 4 months on Monday and she is close to 50lbs.  She is the perfect mix of playful and cuddles.
Thanks so much for such a great dog!!

Sarah and BC Calvert

December 6. 2012 
Jennifer Jules, from British Columbia, sent us this beautiful photos of 'Mirembe' and has reserved a Blue Male for 2013. Thank you Jennifer.


Gator has gotten so big and he is such a goofball!! He loves to chase our tea cup pig around the yard and he likes to think he is a horse. He will run with our horse along the fence. She doesn't mind until he try's to lick her face."
Thanks Erin. He's a beauty!

I wanted to drop you an e-mail to let you know that the boys are doing great! They've adjusted to our home very well. In fact, they've pretty much taken over, especially the couch and stairs ;) They're getting so big! I've attached a few pictures that I took of them recently for you! Thank you so much for them! I hope all is going well for you!

Here are some recent pictures of Greyson. He is growing so fast! He does great with our kiddos. Our 1 year old likes to sit on him for some reason, but he takes it very well. House training has been fairly easy, however, there are times when he decides to take care of business in the house when no one is looking. All of our friends adore him and threaten to take him home with them.
Thanks,  Richard

Hi Shannon, Sorry it’s been so long since we have dropped you a line. We have been very busy with work and puppy classes! I hope this email finds you and Bob doing very well. I have attached some pictures of Blue since today is his 5 month birthday. He is absolutely beautiful and everybody adores him. He is definitely going to be a big one as he is 28 inches at the shoulder and 80 pounds now! He gets into a little bit of trouble with the girls clothes but he actually is quite a joy loving everybody he meets and becoming an instant lap dog to anybody that will give him a seat! On the fourth we took him to the lake with a bunch of people and he had a blast. He got to go swimming for his first time and did great! Take care and we will update you soon!  

Thanks,Kirk and April

Here are a couple pics of Hoss to show you how he is doing.  Thank you so much for this beautiful boy.    


We wanted to send some updated pictures of our precious little one (who isnt so little)!!! Gracie is the most precious little girl...We find so much happiness in her. She keeps on our toes, but is worth every minute.

We have started calling her "detective Gracie" because she has to inspect everything...she loves to just walk around sniffing for something new:) Her new hobby, is chasing her brother in circles, because she knows she will always win! She is defiantly a mama's baby, and a prissy girl. She hates cold food, wet grass, being outside alone, and no one paying her any attention...she has this whine that she has perfected that will be sure to get your attention and let you know she needs some attention. she loves her teddy bear, her spot on the couch, her bed, ANYTHING mama is cooking, and being held like a little yorkie!! She is such a joy and we cant thank you enough!!! Hope you enjoy seeing her!
The Ransburgh's!!

Great photo of Gunner sent in by Domenico Cecere. Thank you very much for the recent picture of Gunner.  He is a Handsome KNOCK-OUT!!!  Please send me pictures of him as often as possible... 

Thanks,  Shannon

Hi Shannon, 
I just wanted to send you some pics of Autumn at her new home with her new forever family. She is doing great and is already sleeping in the bed with me. Housebreaking is going well. she is so spoiled!!! She really gets along well with the other dogs and they have adopted her as their new sister. I decided not to get her ears cropped. Thanks again Shannon she is amazing I love her so much!!!!

Hi Shannon,
We have been getting rain most every evening making harder to get good pictures of our treasure.  So last evening, we stayed on the covered patio around the pool.  And it did stop raining for a while anyway.  Our girl weighs 33 lbs this evening and my days of picking her up to weigh her passing quickly.  She loves to be held and is very good, but we will have to work on her sitting on the scale...
Regards, Marc & Kim

Hi Shannon,
Sorry it took us so long to e-mail you and send you recent pictures of Blaze. Thank you so much for all the happiness Blaze has brought to our family.  Blaze is doing well growing up to be a big part of the family. Our boys love him soooooo! much.  Here are some recent pictures of him. 
The Incapreras

Gotta get a pic of Lilly (Holly 12/13) up there on your website!

Love the website!!! Our Draco (Jackson) is such a handsome boy at 2 years old!!! Thank you for such a beautiful boy!! (With his "brother" Tanc)

​​Highlands Great Danes

Here are some of the picture I promise. Austin is doing great!! My Lu-k has accepted him with no problems. She shares her bones with him.
He became part of our family since the first day we brought him home. His name now is "Orochimaru of Ozric Farms" and he answer to Orochi.
I will send you more pictures another day. 
Thank you,
Paula and family.

Elizabeth Weise sent this Halloween photo of Kane dressed as the convict.

Thanks Elizabeth 

All is going great here with Sam, she is growing fast and eating a lot. She is fabulous with our boys and you can already see the special bond, she has taken over our hearts and couch ha ha! Here are some pictures at 5 months, she is about 70 lbs in these.
Sarah Oldendorf

One of Mordecais favorite past times is swimming in the pool with the kids. This is his favorite float. He has such a rough life!!!!

Stacy Hornsby

Hey Shannon,
Just wanted to write you telling you I picked up Amber and Atlas around 10 they have pretty much just been sleeping all day here and there playing eating and drinking water for a little bit and then back to sleep they go ha ha. They are so Beautiful I love them so much and can't wait for Jonathan to come home to see them and be with them too. Thank you for everything. I'm going to try and get them to the vet either tomorrow or Thursday talk to you soon. 

Brittney & Jonothan

Hi Shannon,

Storm was 6 months old on the 11th.  She weighed 87 pounds and we have included pictures of her from today and when we first brought her home.  We have also included some other of our favorites.  She's been a great addition to our family and has stolen our hearts.  

Hello Shannon, The new litter is beautiful..Here's a couple of pictures of Voodoo, she is quite a handful, into everything, chewing on everything, and making the other dogs crazy..But we love her, and you can see how beautiful she is..She went to the vet today, she weighs 45.8 lbs. She'll be 4 months in a couple of days..
These pictures were taken the day before she got her ears clipped, and a few days later..

Thanks, Natalie 

Wanted to update on our mammoth baby Gunner. He is a whopping 60 lbs at 15 weeks. He is taller than my 13 yr old lab. So funny. He knocks to go in and out to potty. What is amazing is how loveable and calm he is for a puppy. 

Sue Robinson

Lou Carlene Grossi shared this photo of their  two puppies “sharing” the bed. Looks like Lou may need a bigger bed! Thank you very much.




Magoo was hiding behind me in the chair til I got up to take this pic 87 lbs now
Tammy Stewart

Hi Shannon
I am taking Apollo into the vet tomorrow he is doing awesome. i am mixing the food you sent with the science diet large breed puppy food he seems to really like it he has a mountain of toys and he has a hard time picking one. he is the cutest baby boyi have ever seen he has been catching up on sleep and been meeting his new family members. he is the talk of the town he gets compliments from everyone. he is a lifetime family member of the leask family. my girlfriend loves taking pictures of him so am sure you will be getting many more pictures of him. 

Hi Shannon,

I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to email. Time just got away for me. 
I wanted to send you some new pics of the boys. We ended up changing there names again. My boy with the white toe is now Rommel and My Moms baby is now Diablo ( It fits him, LOL)
They are both doing great... Diablo is around 35" at the withers and weighs 145 lbs and Rommel is huge he stands around 39 to 40" at the withers but he is slim at 155 lbs. I am sure that he will eventually reach close to 200 lbs. People constantly stop us to take pictures of them because they are so big.
They have 2 totally different personalities. Rommel is very cautious around new people and is very calm. Diablo is so friendly and he is a nut! I actually have Diablo in Rally....It is too funny seeing this huge dog do the Rally course. 
We Just love them so much and I cant thank you enough.
Talk to you sooner!,

Kim and Nicholas

Hi Shannon,

I just wanted to update you on Sam, she is doing absolutley wonderful. We cannot believe what a good puppy she is, as she gets more comfortable she is getting into more but that is to be expected. She has had a couple accidents one was her first night in her crate but since then she has keep her crate dry. She loves to run and play with the boys and my oldest loves to kiss and cuddle with her. She also lets the youngest one know when he is doing something he isn't suppose to by barking, it is pretty cute. She loves to be on our laps, don't think that will last for much longer she was 19lbs 2oz today.
Sarah Oldendorf 

December 14, 2012
Gary Pappas sent us this beautiful Holiday photo.

Hi Shannon, 
I hope this message finds you doing well. Rex is doing GREAT! He just turned 6 months old Feb. 3 2011. He is a healthy 100lbs. He has a beautiful fawn coat and is really turning into a great handsome Dane. Everyone comments on how big his paws are!  We just had him neutered this week. The surgery went great and his stitches come out Monday. He loves going to the dog parks here in the city. He walks great on leash and training him has been a breeze. His temperament is wonderful and he plays really good with other dogs and Danes. He has brought much joy to our life. I can't thank you enough for such a perfect dog. When we build our new home we might be getting him a new friend from you. I attached some pictures of him from 2-6 months. 
James and Paul 

Hey Shannon! It's been a while since I have emailed and updated you on Angus. He got fixed in march and has such a better temperament since. I am so happy to have him. Jp and I took his on his first beach day three weeks ago and he LoVeS the water! He kept digging in the sand and soaking up the sun like a prince! Here are some pictures at the beach!

Jerrica Everson

Magoo says Hello!
He is growing and playing nonstop with our other dogs. Loves to give kisses and keeps us on our toes and laughing!! My heart is full!! Thanks again
Tammy Stewart

​We got our puppy, Remi in Feb. 2016. Aside from being absolutely stunning she is an extremely sweet, loving, we'll mannered puppy. She is doing fantastic with her training and house breaking. Shannon made the whole process so easy and she provided us with all the information we could have asked for. Highlands is a wonderful place to find the perfect Great Dane puppy and we will be back if we ever decide to add another baby to our family!! Thank you, we love our Remi!!!

I am so glad that you liked the Christmas card. The boys are doing great. I measured Rommel again and he is 40" inches. He is just 3" shy of the tallest dog in the Guinness book of records! They are starting to put on weight. Rommel is now at 167 lbs. Diablo  is 36" and he weighs 160 lbs. They are not even 2 years old.  I think that I have to get a Van because Rommel doesn't fit in my SUV. He cant sit without having to bend his neck!,  They are the most incredible dogs with the best personalities. They are still total opposites of each other. Diablo is the biggest clown and always wants to play and Rommel is so affectionate and he would rather sit on your lap!  I now know why people say that once you own a Great Dane you will never own another breed. There is nothing like a Dane! Have a wonderful Holiday,  
Hugs, Kim 

Hey Shannon,
Hope all is well. Megan and I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Hera (Diamond) is doing. Her and have created a wonderful bond already and she took no time at all to get comfortable her. She is so smart and we are about to get her enrolled in puppy training. She will currently sit, come, stay, go night night (her crate), shake and get in her chair. We really couldn't have asked for a better puppy. She is now a little over three months and weighs in at 40 pounds!
I have attached some photos for you. As you can see, she is going through the process of getting her ears to stand. From our family to yours, we really just want to say thank you so much for providing such a wonderful gift. Once again, we hope all is well and look forward to keeping you updated on her progress in the future.
Trae, Megan and Brody

I am attaching a picture of Saber (left) and Sultan(right).   They are absolutely fantastic!!!   They are healthy and active.  Both are now over 50 lbs and have had all shots.   No health issues at all.    They have wonderful personalities.   Sultan is more of a lover -  he is always looking to snuggle and get kissed.   Saber is more carefree.  We have a hill in the back yard between our house and the canal - i cannot keep him off of that hill.  He runs up and down like a maniac.     They are typical danes - they play, eat, poop and sleep!    Last week, they learned how to get on the couch! lol.   We came into the living room to find them both sitting there looking at us - like - hey!  we like the couch!  
thank you so much.  They are absolutely beautiful. 

- Carin

I wanted to write and let you know Rhea (we call her Phoebe or Phoebe Rhea) is doing wonderful!  She is exactly how you said – loving and playful!  She reminds me a lot of her dad with her goofy play. She gets to sleep with the girls every night and loves to hang out on the couch or that chair in one of the pictures.  It won’t be long before that chair just won’t fit her anymore!!  She is an awesome addition to our family.  Thank you!

Melissa Kirkpatrick

Tom & Debbie Allen seem to have found a 'Dane-size" ball for Nitro. Now if they just made a car to fit !

​Hey Shannon! 

It's been a while since I have e-mailed you but we all went to the park yesterday 3/13 and I just wanted you to see how big my Angus is! I have so many pictures that I just haven't gotten around to downloading but I wanted to just get you these pictures from yesterday! Angus is the best dog anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for such a special gift, we thank you so much! He is almost 8 months and weighing 120, he looks exactly like Icabod! He's my sweet baby boy and the talk of the town!! :)
Jerrica, Jp and Angus!

The best breeder around!! We love our smart, beautiful, loving blue great dane that we got from Shannon and Jennifer. I highly recommend Highlands Great Danes!!! We will definitely only get our next puppy from this awesome breeder who truly cares and loves this breed. Healthy, happy puppies full of love who are stunning and smart!​  Sherry

Shannon ,

I don't know what has taken me so long to write to you , but better late then never.
   We purchased "Sampson " , aka "Reno" as you referred to him as 3 years ago.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't say how much I love that dog.  You matched him to our family to perfection .  He is truly a family member.  He is regal , goofy and out right gentle.  His best friend is my 8 year old son.  They play together and run around my house.  Sammy even prefers my sons toys .  Thank you again for Sammy , he is a magnificent dog.

Julie Pagones

My baby just weighed in today at 130lbs at 9 1/2 months. Love my big mama's boy!    Regina

Hi Shannon, 
I am sitting here on the couch lounging with Alexia, whom we have now named Minnie. :] 
She may be small now, but she already knows how to take over the whole couch. I will write
again soon, to let you know how she is adjusting. 
Thanks so much! :]] 

Good morning Shannon, I wanted to let you know that we are so happy with Mystic, we did not change her name. She is a wonderful puppy, I thought I would send a few photos so you can see she is doing well. She is growing so big every day. Potty training is going very well, I think we are there with her. As you can see in the pictures she loves her big sister, follows here everywhere.

Just wanted to check in with you, I know you must be so busy with the other litters but we have been thinking about you and wanted to keep in touch...

Thank you again for such a beautiful girl, she is the sweetest we are all enjoying her.

Denise and Stuart

Hi Shannon,
Just wanted to give you a little update on Sampson formerly known as "Ace". He is now about 16 weeks old and it seems like he grows an inch a day! He is about 26 inches tall and 45 pounds. He is very healthy and sweet. He has a great personality and loves to play with all the dogs in the neighborhood. Thankfully he is already potty trained although we probably could do better cause we usually wake at his first cry which means an early wake up call every morning! I attached one picture so you can see just how long his legs are!!
Take care,
Ryan and Kristen

June 8, 2012
Marc Durnin sent us these beautiful photos of Calypso.
Thank you Marc

Hi Shannon,
I just saw your new babies! They are so precious! I love the boy - girl blanket! 
Kimber can rest her head on the kitchen counter now...I have not measured how tall she is yet. She is also a little over 110lbs. I would love to see pics of Hope. 
The pics I attached are of Kimber when she was 5 months old. I will try and take some more recent pics and send them to you. I can't believe she is already over 8 months old!
We are looking forward to hearing if the breeding took. Hope all goes well with your current litter!
Take care,

This is Zoey from Highlands Great Danes. She is 7mo old and I couldn't be happier with her. She turns heads everywhere we go. She is very well mannered, very gentle with other dogs, children, and loves to go on walks. She was very easy to potty train and crate train as long as she gets her treat. She is truly a gentle giant. I highly recommend Shannon and Highlands to anyone. It's my fist Dane and she was very helpful through the process. Thank you! 

Our baby boy (Adonis) is 6 months old and spoiled rotten...we love him to pieces!
Take care,
Michelle Samson 

Sandy Robles shared these beautiful photos of Miles and his big sister Maggie.
Thanks Sandy, He looks just like Ty when he was that age.

​ You have the best dogs, such a great temperament!

Just sending along some photos of Minnie and I, she has been quite the companion this past year. I do have to say I wasn't prepared for the way in which she swallows anything and everything. She steals socks, underwear and mittens every chance she gets. It's become
an ongoing mission to hide these items from her at all times.  We did have one incident over Christmas time; she was playing with a care
bear stuffed animal of mine from when I was a kid and she took the batteries out of the bear and swallowed them.  We had a few scary days while she was at the hospital but it turned out that she was fine. (Very expensive hospital stay, but happy that she is okay!)
Thanks again, hope all is well.

​Thank you for such a beautiful family member!!

"Testimonials Page"

Hi Shannon,
I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful puppy! Maggie is doing great! She loves to play with Justin and is doing very well with her training. She can sit now and is learning to wait and to kennel. She's very smart! And already bigger. She knows her name and comes when I call her. 

Teresa Berry

Hi Shannon,

Here are just some pictures of our new edition Kobi (Carmen) and Angus getting to know each other. They are doing extremely well together an bonding! It's amazing!

Jerrica Everson


Thanks so much for everything. Daisy is doing great on her first night. She has really bonded with me already and slept most of the night in her crate. 

Here is a picture of Daisy after her cropped ears. They did great. She only had to be re-tapped 3 times. She had her stitches removed this past Monday. She is doing great and is so sweet. Everyone thinks she is sooo beautiful and I get so many compliments on how beautiful she is even all the vets at Julington Creek Animal Hospital say so too.

Daisy is doing great teething and only chewing on her toys and the mulch outside. She is sleeping throughout the night. Her potty training is doing great as well and is dry throughout the night. Her crate training is great as well but loves the cold leather couches :) She loves Austin and knows who her Daddy is. She is sooo smart.

I appreciate the opportunity to make one of your pups part of our family. She is our new baby :) I have told several people about you and your Danes. You may receive a call from a Sara from Daisy's Animal Hospital. Take care and have a great 4th of July.

Kevin and Austin

Sorry I wasn't able to email you sooner with pictures. Ben and I just moved into a new home and it took us a little while to get settled. Dutch just had his last set of shots this morning and the vet says he looks healthy. He's one week shy of 4 months old and weighted 47 pounds. He's tall enough now that I can touch his back without bending over, about 25 inches. He is the most adorable puppy in the world. He likes to talk...He doesn't bark or growl a lot but he does make noises resembling babies learning to talk. It's like he's trying to say something to us but just can't find the words and it's precious. He loves to be outside. Most of the time he's exploring or playing fetch with Daddy, but he also likes to sit by the back door and "keep guard". He'll sit by the door surveying the yard for movement, I guess, and Heaven forbid we open the door he's leaning on a little earlier than he's ready to come inside...He'll shoot us a look like "can't you see I'm working here?" haha. We have him in a puppy class to try and socialize him some because he's still afraid around certain people, but he's good with other dogs. He doesn't quite know how big he is, though. There is a Tea-Cup Australian Shepard in class with us that doesn't weigh more than a pound or two but Dutch is fascinated with him and really wants to play.
Elizabeth Phillips

Lacey is doing great. Thank you so much for her, she has brought so much joy to my life. She is such a good dog, she is doing good on her house breaking, just a few accidents. I got her ears cropped, that is going good not standing yet, but she is trying to hold them up. She loves to lay in the chair and look out the window. She has her own couch in my bedroom, but the first night she wanted to get in bed with me and that's were she has been sleeping every since, " Spoiled Rotten". I will send you some more pics in few months, again thank you so much I love her. 




were all played out! " nap time"​

Hi Shannon,

I took a few photos of Reese(aka Reese's pieces-because he is sweet as reese’s pieces :) I love the close up of him when he is really looking at the camera. So smart and knowing. What a sweetie. I wanted you to see the profile because it reminds me so much of his Mama. To me he looks just like her from the side. 
What do you think? Is he beautiful or what?

Hi Shannon,
Here a few pictures and a little update on Sam nicknamed "Sammy girl" by my 4 yr old. She is almost 140lbs and stand about 33" at the shoulders, she really thinks she is human. She loves to lean into you when she wants attention, she has been a great addition to our family and has an awesome bond with our boys 6yrs and 4yrs. She is playful and kind, great with visitors but protective at the right times. She is absolutely stunning, I hope you enjoy the updated pictures.
Sarah Oldendorf​

​Hope this note finds you and all your puppies doing well.  We are fine.  Calypso and Elphaba are growing into adults but continue to be puppies at heart.  They have a great time together, and we supervise but stay out of their path.  Although we have no picture of Calypso with the freebee, it is her favorite outside toy.  She will chase after it and play catch until she is ready to drop.  Not to worry, jumping is not allowed, but we try to throw it off to her side when sitting so she can "leap" after it.  

Marc Durnin

7 month check in y'all!! I'm getting big and kinda love my mom. Like A LOT!

Hi Shannon,
I hope your summer is going well. We are doing good, enjoying our time with Summer (Tempest).  She is gorgeous and growing so fast!  She is 14 weeks today and weighs 28 pounds.  She is walking well on the leash and housebroken. We had so few accidents in the house that we were amazed!  We often take her to Starbucks to get her socialized in meeting other people and we also drop by the vet once a week so she gets used to people and going to the vet without always getting something scary done to her.  We got her ears cropped three and a half weeks ago and they are doing beautifully.
Mashon Thomas

Hello Shannon,
I have attached a few pictures for you. Bentley is doing great and loves his new home. We also wanted to let you know that Bentley has gotten his second set of shots and Micro chipped. We have him enrolled in puppy school on Saturdays and he is doing great. He is the biggest boy in the class.

Highlands Great Danes