​This is "Icobod"   He is another one of our Huge Fawn Boys also weighing over 200 pounds.  Icobod & Beef are brothers.  Icobod has also produced some gorgeous babies.  He is now Retired...



This is "Beef"  He is a Huge Fawn Boy weighing around 200 pounds.  Beef had produced some gorgeous babies and he is the Father of Diesel.  Beef has been Retired...


Imported from Z Zielakowej Sfory Kennels in Poland...

​This is "Brutus" He is our 100% Euro Fawn Boy Imported to us from "Zielakowej Sfory Kennels" in Poland.

 He is a very huge boy weighing in at around 175 pounds. Brutus has Sired several 100% Euro Litters for us now and his babies are Absolutely Knock Down Gorgeous!  Brutus is a very sweet laid back Dane with a beautiful temperament and a great personality.  Thank you llona Zielinska of Z Zielakowej Sfory Kennels for raising such a Gorgeous boy and allowing us to add him to our Family here at Highland's Great Danes...We are so in love with him!!


Brutus Health: Thyroid: normal, testing for hips & elbows: normal, full blood panel: normal, liver & kidney panels: normal, Ekg: normal

"Imported from Margarejro Kennels in Poland"

 This is "Baron"  He is our 100% Euro Blue Boy Imported to us from "Margarejro Kennels" in Poland.  "Baron" is a gorgeous boy weighing around 180 pounds and standing 38 1/2  inches at the withers.  He is "Absolutely Stunning with a Personality out of this World!!  Baron has Sired several Gorgeous litters!!

His Father is  International Champion:  "Poker Myszathka Margarejro"  His Grandfather is International Champion:  Cashmere Heavenly Blue Margarejro & his Mother is from the                 
Vom Hause Wagner bloodlines...

Baron, Health: Thyroid: normal, preliminary testing for hips & elbows: good, 
full blood panel: normal, liver & kidney panels: normal, Ekg: normal


This is “Buddy” He is a 3/4 European Blue. He is the Grandson of International Champion “High Resolution” in Poland. His Father is a Full German Euro. “Buddy” is absolutely awesome and is looking just like his Grandfather. His pedigree is full of Champions. He has a perfect head and beautiful conformation. His temperament is perfect as well and he is very sweet and loving! 

Buddy: Health: Thyroid:normal, preliminary testing for hips & elbows:good, liver & kidney panels:normal, Ekg: normal

​​Highlands Great Danes

"Our Boys"


"Ty" is our gorgeous 3/4 Euro Blue Boy, the Son of Buddy our handsome Blue Boy.  "Ty" has a wonderful temperament and he is a very sweet boy.  He has many International Champions in his Pedigree.  He is the Great Grandson of Mulit-International Champion Kevin V "Gigantic Blau" of Chezk. & also the Great Grandson of Multi-International Champion "High Resolution" of Poland.  "Ty" is an awesome boy just like his Dad (Buddy) with a gorgeous head and a very nice large bone structure.  

Ty: Health: Thyorid: normal, preliminary testing for hips & elbows: normal, liver & kidney panels: normal, Ekg: normal

​Home of the Gentle Giants



​​This is "Diesel" our Grandson's Dane. He is 9 months old in this picture. "Diesel" is one of our past pups from our April 5th 2009 litter born to Payton.  Diesel has recently been Retired...