"Our Magnificent Past Boys"


My Handsome Boys


Ty was a Gorgeous Blue Boy that has crossed over to "The Rainbow Bridge"  Ty was the Grandson of Buddy and absolutely an awesome Dane.  I still greatly miss this sweet boy...


​"My Sweet Boy"

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This is "Baron"  He is our 100% European Blue Boy Imported to us from "Margarejro Kennels" in Poland.  "Baron" is a gorgeous boy weighing around 180 pounds and standing 38 1/2  inches at the withers.  He is "Absolutely Stunning with a Personality out of this World!!  Baron has Sired several Gorgeous litters!!

His Father is  International Champion:  "Poker Myszathka Margarejro"  His Grandfather is International Champion:  Cashmere Heavenly Blue Margarejro & his Mother is from the                 
Vom Hause Wagner bloodlines...

Baron, Health: Preliminary vet testing for hips & elbows: good, blood panel for thyroid, liver & kidney, normal, heart, normal...



Buddy was a Gorgeous Blue Boy that has crossed over to "The Rainbow Bridge"

Buddy was the love of my life and I miss him greatly!  Buddy lives on in his Great Grandson "Sampson" who is pictured above...


​"My Sweet Boy"


This is “Sampson” He is our beautiful European Blue Boy born to Highland's Great Danes .  He is the Great Grandson of International Champion “High Resolution” in Poland. His Grand Father is our  late Buddy.  Sampson is absolutely awesome and is looking just like his Grandfather. His pedigree is full of Champions. He has a perfect head and beautiful conformation. His temperament is perfect as well and he is very sweet and loving! 

Sampson: Health: Preliminary vet testing for hips & elbows, good, blood panels for

thyroid, liver & kidney, normal, heart, normal...

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​This is "Sawyer" He is our 100% European Blue Harlequin Boy from "Lauer Danes" in North Carolina.  "Sawyer" is a very huge boy weighing in at around 195 pounds at only 13 months old! "Sawyer" is Absolutely Knock Down Gorgeous!  Sawyer is a very sweet laid back Dane with a beautiful temperament and a great personality!  Thank you Melissa Bateson for raising such a Gorgeous boy and allowing us to add him to our Family here at Highland's Great Danes...We are so in love with him!!


Sawyer Health: Preimimary vet testing for hips & elbows: normal, full blood panel for  thyroid, liver & kidney panels: normal, heart, normal...

"Our Boys"

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