​"Payton"  Our gorgeous black girl has passed away.  She was 9 1/2 years old.  Payton was a very sweet girl and she had some of the most knock down gorgeous babies that I ever had the honor to raise.  We miss you sweet girl and know that you will be waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge. 

​Home of the Gentle Giants

Layla” was the pride and joy of our females. Regrettably she passed very suddenly and unexpectedly in the summer of 2011. She left us with twelve precious puppies to raise which have since gone on to their permanent homes where her love for us has been shared and multiplied. As we receive updated photos of her pups we see her in each one of them. Layla will always be very,very special to us and we look forward to seeing her again at the bridge.

​“Shona”  was a gorgeous fawn female.  She was a baby from Bonnie and Caesar that we kept from birth.  She had a perfect temperament and was very protective.  She loved to swim in the pool with the kids.  She  had two litters of babies and was also a wonderful mother.  She passed away when she was 7 years old.

​ “Caesar” was a stunning fawn male.  He had a great temperament and was very independent.  He loved being outside to explore and playing hide-and- seek with the kids.   He was a perfect watch dog, never missed anything.  He passed away when he was 12 years old from heart failure. 

​“Ginger”  was our first Dane.  We got her at 8 weeks old in 1975.  She was a beautiful fawn girl, just the sweetest girl that you could ever imagine.  She was a very spirited girl just like our Ginger II today.  She was the reason that we completely fell in love with this breed.  She was so very exceptional and loving, and  had a perfect temperament.  She was so gentle with our oldest son, Jeff,  who was only 1 at the time.  The last thing that she done at night before bed was to check on him to make sure he was alright and then she would give him kisses and she would go to her bed and lay down.  She was 8 years old when she passed away and we still miss her today.

"​Ginger II"  Our beautiful oldest fawn girl of 10 1/2 years has passed over to "Rainbow Bridge"  Ginger was a very special girl and she was loved very much.  She is greatly missed and will never be forgotten.  RIP my sweet girl!

"In Memory Page"

This has without a doubt been the hardest page that I have had to write as each and every one of these past Danes were all so very special to us.  We loved them all so much and they are all still missed greatly, but we know that they will all be waiting for us when we cross over 
“The Rainbow Bridge”

​“Troy” The summer of 2011 was a very difficult time for Highlands Great Danes. We had just been devastated by the sudden loss of "Layla" when, only a few weeks later, the male pup that we had decided to keep from her litter failed to wake up after his ear cropping. Though he was only with us for eight weeks he was dearly loved and is greatly missed.

Highlands Great Danes

​“Blue Boy” was a very sweet blue male.  He was very independent with a wonderful temperament.  His favorite game was to chase the squirrels up the tree and stand at the bottom of the tree and wait until they came down so he could chase them up again.  He never tried to hurt them he just loved to play with them.  He was 8 years old when he passed away.

​“Bonnie”  was a wonderful black Dane with such a sweet personality.  She always loved to play with our children and was very protective over them.  She stayed with them all the time and watched over them like a hawk.  She was also a wonderful mother.  She passed away when she was almost 13 years old from cancer.

Highlands Great Danes